We are set off to go home early today. Why? Just read on the article below. I just wish na me masakyan pa. (crossed-fingers)

Kudos to ChaTherCT.com

There will be a transport strike in Davao City today, April 29, 2009 led by the Transmission-Piston or Transport of Southern Mindanao for Solidarity, Independence and Nationalism.

The transport strike is part of their continued protests against Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) DO 2008-38 which increases the amount of license renewal by 43 percent; and DO 2008-39 which revises the schedule of fines and penalties for traffic and administrative violations that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) levies on drivers, conductors, and operators of all types of motor vehicles.

Today will be a regular work day for City Government employees despite the transport strike that will be participated by a majority of local transport groups.