A four year college is not really suitable for everyone. When I was in college i could recall my professor asking what's the use of certain minor subjects when it's not at all related with the course we are taking. I sort of agree with what his pointing at. In some ways it sort of wastes our time when there could have a hundred things to learn about.

Some people cannot afford a four year college education and also there are people who doesn't have to take up a four year course for the career that they are aspiring to have. Like being a cosmetologist, wedding organizer, baker and etc. Then people then opt for vocational school. In the Philippines TESDA is a popular vocational school.

offers a directory for adults who have recently lost their jobs or are in search for new career oportunitites informaton on beginning or going back to school through an Accredited Online College to receive a degree or certificate in top-paying jobs and industries.


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