How was your summer? I got so lazy the past months that I wasn't able to update you about my summer. But I am writing about it now! haha Because it was summer, my officemates were very eager to have their summer getaways. Our company even held a pool party which I didn't had the drive to attend to. I just didn't felt like going and eventually I thought I was missing all the summer bliss! Then I said to myself; "Hey i deserve to have fun as well!"

May17, our destination was to Samal Island. We spent 3 days and 2 nights in Tita Susan's (hubby's aunt) resort in Camudmud, Samal. But before going there, we first went to Bluejaz. Everyone's been talking about that resort so we decided to check it out ourselves. It was okay for me. Not bad but not something that amazed me.  After Bluejaz we then went straight to Camudmud. It was like a 30-minute ride going there. Just to make my story short, I had fun. That's why people love summer so much. You just can't get enough with the beach and the sun. But what i signed up for a vacation leave became an effin sick leave. Yeah, you got that right,. I got sick. But despite of what I was feeling, I can't afford to ruin all the fun when this only happens once. It was what I needed. I beautiful place that's quiet and relaxing. But you'll never guess how relieved I am when we got home. I miss my own bed. I miss the city, I miss the noise. lol Let me share a few pics of the place.


Chai said…
very nice place... daku naman c yen2 oi... makakita ra gihapon ko ana niya so soon. right? hehe