lately my son is so hooked on watching Bolt. He's watching it like 5-6 times a day, everyday. HaHaHa Yes he does, even when the movie has just finished he would say, "Mama, watch, aw aw, dog", and I am like "What?? Again??" He would then give me the remote control. He would just sit or lay in his bed, behaved and closely watching every scene. You could really see how amazed he is. If you could see the joy in his eyes. Then, I was thinking maybe he would be very happy if i'll buy him a dog. But I think he's too young for that. And also I can't afford one. Putira! LOL Well-breed dogs are quite expensive. He also like cats, but I don't trust cats that well. Hahaha Ayne could get scratches for sure. I always loved pictures of kids with their dogs. I am wishing ayne would get a dog of his own one day, he's very own pet. And i hope Peterson would agree with me. I just want to share these few pictures of kids with their pet. So lovely, I hope I could also take a picture of my son like these.