Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September na! Ooooohhh it's ber months already. Christmas is coming! I can't help but get excited again. It's always that way every time I think of Christmas, and it's my favorite time of the year. I can't wait to feel the faint cool breeze on my skin. Hmmm! Lovely! <3

Just quick updates:

1. I am getting better now after all the emotional turmoil I've been through lately.
2. Getting better with the MIL (mother in law), well hopefully it'll continue. (don't wanna hold grudges.)
3. I'm trying to get my life back.
4. I need a yaya ASAP. AGAIN. God knows how many times I've swapped yaya's from time to time.
5. I've learned a handful of things about life and relationships. Respect is essential.
6. Grown more closer to God than ever. Prayer is indeed powerful, it can work miracles.
7. Felt so loved and protected by my parents and sister, I'm lucky to have them.
8. My bugoy is growing up real fast and sooooo kulit! He can talk now, bulol nga lang. I'M VERY MUCH INLOVE WITH HIM.
9. And the best thing is that I'm back in my parent's roof. I'm just so damn ecstatic about it. Finally I can breathe now, and the air I'm breathing is no longer poisonous and hazardous to my health! LMAO
10. Peterson and I are starting all over again, a new chance to grow TOGETHER. Another chance for us to get it right. I'm hoping for the best things to come, let God be our guide.

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