Color Me

Friday, September 04, 2009

I was able to finish my work earlier than I thought and my client was not around to give me another set of things to work on. And so there I sat in boredom, jumping from one site to another, until I thought of something fun to do. Editing pictures! I experimented a pic of myself and tried to play around with Photoshop and see if I could come up with something artsy. But there's nothing much really, just the usual effects that anyone knows. But I had fun doing it so I thought of posting it here. Having so much fun, I even looked for more Photoshop tutorials online. It won't hurt if I'd indulge myself with these new learning, it's fun. And I'm glad I did. At least I didn't sat in boredom until the end of my shift, and when times like this happen again (no tasks)I won't let myself sit in boredom. No need to waste time cause there's so much to learn out there.


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