At last!! Bwahahahaha!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

I'm having my break right this very moment and I'm having fun with these emoticons!!!! :001: My client have nothing in hand for me to work on :016: and so I found myself wandering (for thousand of times) over the Internet. I was blog hopping and I was so envious with these blog who have cute emoticons on it, specifically Bambie's. I like her blog so much, so kawaii and so cute. I wanted those smilies so bad in my blog as well. :018::029: Kahit hindi same basta I want emoticons on my blog! Yun! So I searched and searched on how to install these cute emoticons on my blog. There got to be a way. My problem was that I am using Blogger and I'm not sure if I could apply it on my platform. Got from here to there until I found myself playing around with Java Script using Greasemonkey and Aptana as well. Not even sure if I was doing the right thing. I never even thought I'd get through it. :003: Wooohoooo! Success! A big HAHA! :010: I love it . Now, I'll be inspired to update more often. eHehehehe :021:

Eto screen shot:

(click to see actual size)

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