I know every or at least 70% of mommies are familiar with terrible twos. It's a developmental stage ours kids undergo that usually begins during toddler years. During this stage our toddlers are being negative about most things and often saying 'NO', (that happens all the time with my yen2x) the terrible twos may also find your toddler having frequent mood changes and temper tantrums (indeed, even as early as he wakes up). And I am having my fair share of stress in dealing with this terrible twos. I can barely take it, it's causing me so much strain. Lately I've been doing research on how to cope with this stage that my son is in. I'm a first time + young mom and dealing with this is a real pain the ass. And no matter how I keep myself patient there are days that I just can't help but snap. And I always feel sorry when that happens. Yes, my mom is there to guide me but it's then she haven't got any experience in raising boys and she said that we were well behaved during our toddler years.

Anyway, I have gathered these tips in helping our toddler during the terrible twos:

  • having a regular routine for meals, naps, bedtime, etc. and try to stick to them each day

  • learn to set limits about things and don't be surprised when your toddler tries to test those limits to see what he can get away with
  • offer limited choices only, like 'would you like apples or oranges for your snack' and not just 'what do you want for your snack.' This helps your toddler feel like he is making some decisions and has power over things, but he isn't able to choose unacceptable alternatives

  • don't give in to tantrums

  • begin to use time-out and taking away privileges as discipline techniques

  • provide your toddler with a safe environment that is well childproofed to explore and play in. It really isn't fair that your toddler should get in trouble for playing with something he isn't supposed to if you left it within reach.

By learning more about this normal stage in your child's development, it can make it easier to get through it and make sure that you aren't contributing to more battles than are necessary.


kathy said…
Very informative post joy.. I am dreading the time when my fifi would turn two... Coz I've been there with my andrea before... Wheewww... It ain't easy, they would really test our patience...
Bojoy said…
hi kandi.Ü true im learning so much from this experience. would really test our patience to it's limit, im so stressed out but still love him to death.Ü

thanks for the visit!Ü come again soon..