It was an ordinary day and the sun is shining brightly. I went upstairs to retire with yentot and pet2x in bed, to watch tv maybe or to just make kulit with eachother. But as I step on the last stair and looked out the window, an angry tornado was fast approaching our home. I shouted at them to go out of the house and quickly grabbed a bag full of clothes mostly of yenyen's! Then all suddenly went black. It was 7 AM and I woke up from bed. It was just a dream, thank God! Yet it made me feel uneasy and it never left my mind. So I tried to Google what it means if you had a dream of tornado. And here's what I got and it all came clear to me now:


* An overwhelming or destructive situation in real life, most likely out of the dreamer's control
* A feeling or fear of being taken advantage of or victimized, especially suddenly or in an unpredictable way (YES!)

TORNADOS : Hurricanes can be symbolic of extreme stress in your life and an inability to relax. The skies in dreams generally link to the future and the possibility of change. So if they are disturbed then there is no clear outlook for how things will be. But tornados may symbolise lots of things. They may link to bad things that are about to happen and problems that you are anticipating.

And I have picked the phrases that I could best relate to,

* Tornados can link to moments when you cannot think clearly. You maybe bombarded by facts or suggestions.
* Tornados can link to feelings of stress. The tornado will capture the inability to relax.
* Tornados may be a sign that there is trouble to come. You maybe detecting some warning signs in yourself or in situations around you
* Tornadoes can represent people who cause havoc.

And these questions somehow help me:

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)

- What issue yesterday sent your mind into a spin? The Cherry Lao from Facebook sent me a message again, sent me to an emotional turmoil. I hate her!
- Have you been very stressed recently? Yes.
- Who is tornado like - causing havoc and destruction? Cherry Lao.
- What crisis are you planning for in the near future? Wants to talk to this Cherry Lao in person. Why is she making this mess.
- Are there many changes in your life right now? Nothing much though I was just upset why this Cherry Lao keeps bugging me, though I never showed her anger or anything.

Yes, she's back. So I texted Teresa again, told her the latest news about this unknown woman who's trying to cloud my relationship with Peterson. And this is all getting too much when I don't have anything to do with whatever issues they have with eachother. And again Teresa assured me and told me to trust Peterson. It made me felt relieved. Then a friend also helped me and I was glad that she really reached out to talk things out about this issue. I'm just thankful for having her. I never even thought she would really offer a hand. And together we discovered that Teresa is genuine and is positive that she's telling the truth. And the hell with this Cherry Lao. I realized that I should never let this affect me or my relationship. Peterson makes me happy in any way and he is coping up with all his shortcomings, and we are patching this up from all the bad times we have. We are making each other happy in any way we can, sa small or big things man. And I have seen that we have really grown, and we did it together. I love him so much and I won't let this Cherry Lao get the best of us.