Akala ko yung mga kontrabida sa teleserye lang na bbuhay, mali pala ako! May mga tao pala talagang who would really dare to make up stories just for their own sake, para lang maka sakit ng tao. May na bubuhay pala talagang mga Celina, Clara, Bella Rama sa mundo! Che! Mga kontrabida! They do stuffs w/o even considering what it would cause to whom they would target. And we became victims of CHERRY CHUA. She just popped up one Sunday morning sending me messages through Facebook. Na loka ako bigla, kaka gising lang namin tapos may mbabasa akong di kanais-nais, kumusta naman yun?! Hindi maganda! She was saying that Pet2x is messing up with someone named T, and she even gave the girl's number. Telling me to text her right away and to confront her. Of course what I did was talk to Peterson first and foremost. Parang ice na yung kamay ko sa lamig pero I kept my cool. Di pwedeng mag wala kc anjan sila mama! Hahaha Pero I know him very well enough, (and we've been through like this before) and from his reactions I have concluded na isang biro lang lahat yung nasa Facebook, isang npaka masamang biro indeed! But of course I still doubted Peterson not until I have talked with the said T. She was direct in answering my questions, she was a little pissed. Bakit daw nadamay pangalan niya. Eh ewan ko lang?! I responded to the said Cherry Chua and told her that I was able to talk to T and all was settled, all was cleared and I hope that she would stop. And that maybe she just misunderstood something. Yet, she insisted and more messages came flooding into my Inbox. Nag mamarunong talaga! She was acting like a concern friend of T. Acting like alam niya lahat! Then eventually her real motive came out in the open. She insisted na awayin ko ung T para lumabas yung masamang ugali nung T.

Cherry Chua, alam ko hindi mu totoong pangalan yan. But whoever you are I pitty you, as in nakaka awa ka, BIG TIME! Ginamit mo pa kami! There are nights na tormented kami sa kaka isip who would do that to us. How dare you! for what? To hurt someone you hate so bad? Di naman pala kami ang may nagawa sa'yo. Eh ang pangit din naman ng ugali mu ano!? Muntik na, as in muntik na talaga akong maniwala! Buti na lang I was able to keep sane the whole time. Did you knew how much it hurted me, accusing my husband with all those stuffs! For what? Para lang awayin ko yung si T. Anong gusto mu, sulungin ko siya at sabunotan? Excuse me hindi ako masamang tao, and I was not brought up like that. I'm sane enough to handle the situation with poise. Che! Once lang pala sila ng ka kilala, ngpa ayos lang siya ng sasakyan. And maybe you were able to have a chance to take advantage of the situation. Tapos anu-ano na yung sinasabi mo. I understand why you see Peterson that way, maybe you knew him way back in highschool but hello!??!, that was ages ago. Things change, so people do. Haven't you heard of that line? Do you really know him that well to judge him and accuse him? I'm not really that mad na as of the moment. Because finally the truth came out and i'm glad na sayo talaga nang galing. You know what life is too short to invest it in hatred and insecurities. Move on, you have your life now. T has her own life as well. Insecurities had taken it's toll on you and it has eaten you whole! Goodluck na lang. Alam mo mahirap mag tanim ng galit and maging insecure, mag pa Dr. ka kaya at ng ma tignan ka. You have to move on though it would be a long row to hoe my dear.

This was latest message and I guess would be the last as well:
Cherry Lao: If I were you just ask her directly and maybe she will not hesitate to answer. I hate her because she's a down to earth person, she don't know how to fight her happiness that's why I end up marrying her ex boyfriend and still I am so insecure. Everybody loves her so much. Test her patience lets see if you'll break her good attitude.

Wag ka mg marunog ate, whatever me and Peterson have eh sa amin na lang yun! Wala kang karapatang maki alam at wala kang karapatang mang himasok. At mas wala kang karapatang manira ng relasyon! At wala kang karapatang mang hugsa. Nag babago ang tao dear. Lahat ng tao, malaki o maliit man ang pagkakamali, may karapatang magbago at may karapatan bumangon. Kung ayaw mong maniwala eh problema mo na yun! Sana matuto ka nalng maging masaya para sa mga tao. Kung ikaw, hindi parin masaya at kontento sa buhay, magsikap ka nalng! Hahaha! Wag mo kaming idamay kung may galit ka sa ibang tao. Duwag ka naman pala eh, kung galit ka sa kanya eh di sabihin mo sa kanya. Hindi yung nang gagamit ka ng iba! God Bless your soul bitch!

Eto naman yung last message ko sa kanya:

i don' know why you are doing all of this. why are u still insecure? i understand that we do get insecure sometimes. but, what for? u already have the one you love, and i'm sure he feels the same way. basing from the fact that u are now both married. the thing between me and peterson will remain bet. the two of us, whether we end up together or not it's our business. but pls don't cloud our relationship. for 5 yrs i know peterson too well, we've been through so much together and i know exactly what u are talking about and understand well enough why you see him like that. we are trying our best everyday to work things out for our son and for our future so pls don't include us with whatever problem u have with teresa.

and one last thing, don't hate someone just because she is a good person. i'm sure there are a bunch of people who loves you as well. life is too short to invest it in hatred and insecurities, just be happy. And pls. move on.


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