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Thursday, July 15, 2010

hello everyone! it's been quite a while and i missed blogging. i was trying to find time to write some updates but wasn't able to insert blogging in my kinda busy life, well not until now. I'm saying good m0rning to everyone, from Davao with love. ^_^ (it's currently 7:00AM here) i wasn't able to report for work last night bcoz of my nasty headache, been experiencing this lately. It didn't hurted that much until last night, and with that i have decided to take some rest.

bad news. dengue's really spreading badly around the neighborhood. dengue is worst in davao region. several friends and relatives have already been admitted. oh mr. mosquito please spare our lives! specially my son's. we've been doing 10000x extra precautions at home just to make sure everyone will be safe. but then our helper, leng2x, was victimized. she got admitted july 4 and just got out from the hospital last week. we let her go back to her family for now, to take some rest and to make sure that she's all cured and strong enough to go back to work. we're expecting her to be back next week. thank god she's alright now. lately people's been crazy buying mosquito catchers (and we have 4 at home), drinking tawa-tawa, applying off lotion and making sure the surroundings' clean. i'm constantly praying that this epidemic will come to an end, soon as possible. please help us pray.

so that's it for now. i'll try to update more often! and oh anyway, just to let you know my son's really adorable and turning up to be a chatterbox. very malambing as well! love love him so much. bye for now! and i will leave you something to inspire you all throughout the day. (=

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