Hello December!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

December na! Oh sweet December, I could smell Christmas now. And I'm loving the cool breeze, though it give me colds (I don't do well in cold weathers) but I love it still! We're planning to set up our tree this Sunday. Hope I could post a photo of it. December really makes me excited! I love the weather, I love how people anticipates Christmas. And shopping! ^.^ There's always something with December, and we know what it is or what it should be. It's because a big celebration is coming, to celebrate Jesus' birthday. Let's not forget about that, it's about giving. I feel like a child thinking about it, it makes me feel giddy! ^.^ And also I would love to pass this feeling to my son. One thing, sayang cause I won't be able to attend simbang gabi. On those times kasi I am at work. :'< I hope next year okay na schedule ko. Anyway, I'm so happy! This my most favorite time of the year! Yepey! ^.^

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