December na! Oh sweet December, I could smell Christmas now. And I'm loving the cool breeze, though it give me colds (I don't do well in cold weathers) but I love it still! We're planning to set up our tree this Sunday. Hope I could post a photo of it. December really makes me excited! I love the weather, I love how people anticipates Christmas. And shopping! ^.^ There's always something with December, and we know what it is or what it should be. It's because a big celebration is coming, to celebrate Jesus' birthday. Let's not forget about that, it's about giving. I feel like a child thinking about it, it makes me feel giddy! ^.^ And also I would love to pass this feeling to my son. One thing, sayang cause I won't be able to attend simbang gabi. On those times kasi I am at work. :'< I hope next year okay na schedule ko. Anyway, I'm so happy! This my most favorite time of the year! Yepey! ^.^


Yes, Christmas is the merriest season of the year. It's just a pity that you could not attend the traditional dawn mass because of conflict of your work schedule. Christmas is best celebrated in the Philippines where it is celebrated the longest starting with the onset of the "Ber" months, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.