Beginning this week everything's going to be exactly different. After 3 long  years I've been transferred to working on dayshifts! Yes 3 years straight ako ng graveyard. It was hard but eventually i got the hang of it. Liked it better kasi walang traffic, walang init, walang usok yun nga alang kalaban ko ang antok. hehe And after losing Bill (the best boss i had so far) and while waiting for a new client, they transferred me sa day muna. To introduce me to a new routine and also to temporarily take Arian's work while she's on leave. How was it? So far so good, you know finally i can have my beauty rest and all. But then when i was on my way home, i was stuck in traffic! It was really bad. And oh before that I was stuck in a very long line for an L3 ride. This is the part i hate the most, and not quite sure if i would be able to adopt.

When i got home, my heart jumped when I saw my kiddo! He was really glad to see me, and then he kept on hugging & kissing me. Very sweeet. Para lang pusa sa lambing. LOL I missed you too love. So much. He's used to having me around during the day, taking care of him, playing and eating with him and all. And now wala na ako to be with him during the day. Oh my, I don't really know know if I would learn to love this shift.


Well, it will take just a little while for you to adjust to your dayshift. What is important is that you have work to augment the income of your family. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
Toyin O. said…
Sweet story. Ultimately, you are doing this for your family and your son will learn to understand that one day. Make sure you give him a lot of hug when you are home:)