I seldom do posts about movies, books or even people. Not unless it inspires me. I love the feeling when I get to watch a movie that leaves me awestruck and wanting to watch it again. This happened to me last night after watching 3 idiots. I thought it was a foolish movie with highschool comedy but that surely wasn't the case. Thus, it is no surprise that this movie has broken the Bollywood box-offive record.. I was very entertained and very inspired. I found myself laughing out loud and then crying my heart out ( i know mababaw lang luha ko, but i guarantee it will move you to tears as well). And there are several musical scenes too. I recommend this movie must specially to students. Watch this movie and learn the real essence of going to school. I looked for it on Youtube, and one comment caught me, and I share the same view.

I am a Chinese guy, this is the first Bollywood movie I have ever watched in my entire life, yet, I cannot express how much I love this movie. It changed my life for the better, I was moved to tears, amused to laughter throughout the movie. Good movies are not those only contain blood, sex and visual effects, good movies make you think, good movies influence your life.

Here are a few quotes from the movie:

Today my respect for that idiot shot up. Most of us went to college just for a degree. No degree meant no plum job, no pretty wife, no credit card, no social status. But none of this mattered to him, he was in college for the joy of learning, he never cared if he was first or last. 

"This heart scares easily. You have to trick it. When faced a difficult problem, tell your heart 'ALL IS WELL'. Does it resolves the problem? No. But it will gain courage to face it."

All is well!


Ar-Ar Malalis said…
3 idiots is one of the BEST AWESOME movie ever! na carry nga kahit ung mga kanta-sayaw portion.. hehe kamukha rin ni Eminem ung bida.. I soo loove it!
Bojoy said…
@ar-ar: yesss! agree ako sau.. d pa nga ako nkka get over. LOL oo nga n0h kmukha nya, ngaun ko lng na realize hehehe

thnx for the comment! ^^.