I'm bored and i need to take a break, so i'm blogging! ^^. During these hours I'm usually working, staring seriously on my computer screen and sipping coffee every now and then. Lately tons of assignments have been handed down to me and I'm finding it hard to cope up. I still have lots of video tutorials to watch and several tasks are still pending. Well not really pending but I just don't feel that I have reached the goals. And these are the times when I find it hard to determine which task should I work on first. Confused much! So I'm taking a break for a couple of minutes, breathe in and breathe out. All is well! ^.^

Played around for a while and taken this photos from my webby. :') 

 sakit ngipin drama :))

yes i've gained weight. just look at my chubby-wooby face! 


Pearl Aton said…
It's good to take a break every once in a while! ;)
When work and tasks seem to overwhelm you, just take a break and relax. You are doing the right thing by relaxing for a while. And when you get back to the groove, you can resume whatever it is you are doing. You got nice photos from your webcam. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.