My little cupcake's sick. :'( Last Friday I have noticed tiny blisters on his arms and a few on his fingers. I was not certain if my suspicions are correct coz he showed no signs of feeling ill. No fever, no cough, no flu in fact he was acting like his old self, very active and hiper! When I checked up on him Saturday morning, I knew we have to see his doctor. We did, and it was indeed Chicken Pox. :'( I felt very sorry for my handsome prince.

What Is Chickenpox?
Chickenpox is caused by a virus called varicella zoster. People who get the virus often develop a rash of spots that look like blisters all over their bodies. The blisters are small and sit on an area of red skin that can be anywhere from the size of a pencil eraser to the size of a dime.
What Happens When You Have Chickenpox?
Chickenpox may start out seeming like a cold: You might have a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, and a cough. But 1 to 2 days later, the rash begins, often in bunches of spots on the chest and face. From there it can spread out quickly over the entire body — sometimes the rash is even in a person's ears and mouth.

He began feeling ill Saturday night, and his blisters are getting visible and multiplied it's number. :'( He feels really uncomfortable specially in his sleep. His appetite slowed down, maybe because of his fever. Good thing he's taking Iterax for the itch so he doesn't make kamot that much.  And even though he's sick he didn't felt that weak. He still plays around, jokes around and laughs a lot.  Below are a few photos we take from my lappy's webcam, he had fun with the camera and the effects. Thanks to Cameroid for making my lil kiddo smile and Picnik for the great tool for photo manipulation.

eating chocolates with a big smile

strong, chicken pox can't beat him! (kunti pa ang blisters nya d2)

 goofing around with mama. FUN!

with his favorite Thomas :')

Today, it's Sunday 2:32 AM. I am very happy seeing him sleep peacefully. His condition has improved. His blisters are starting to pop and die, (I make sure to apply Bactroban ointment on his blisters and open wounds) and no more fever! \^.^/ Thank God he's recovering fast and I pray na tuloy-tuloy na ang pag galing niya And for now, I am a nurse on duty! :')


I will pray for his divine healing. By the stripes of Jesus he is healed. Amen. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.