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Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally was able to finish editing my new template. Changed the header and the background, i wanted something new so I've decided to take action. tagal naga lang natapos cause I've been very busy lately. not just with work but with my personal life.

i spent my holy week in silent and in prayers. it's been hard coping with the pain, with emptiness but i know i'll survive this one, and i'll come up strong, even stronger than before. gustohin ko man mg kwento, mg buhos ng sama ng loob but i can't spill too much beans about my personal life, not right now. i'm going through a tough time these days so please pray for my heart, please help me pray for my heart to be strong. But i'm not the only one who's having a hard time, also Peterson. There are times that we have to hurt a person just to make that person realize that what he/she's doing is wrong. slap him/her (maybe as hard as you can) in the face so he/she'll come to his/her senses and realize what he/she's missing and taking for granted. we don't really wanna hurt that person but it's the last resort, it's the only way we can see that's best. You know, experience can really be a bitch sometimes, and she'll make us learn the hard way.

Peterson and I are trying to fix our lives and more importantly ourselves. we have to be the right person for each other, how? we need to grow. i have the heart to forgive and i am willing to start anew but there are things or circumstances that needs to wait, that needs patience and sacrifice for us to achieve it. and that's what we're doing right now, sacrifice, patience and hard work. With God by our side, I know we'll still surpass this trial. Maybe this is his way of reminding us that all we need is each other and we really have to grow because someone is depending on us. who? no other than the handsomest patootiee one can have (our love yen-yen). All is well! :') I know this pain will eventually go away.

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