Spent a lazy-hot-Sunday on the beach with the Rusco Gang (hubby's workmates) and had so much fun. I've been really thankful that hubby landed on a job that's managed by great people and hoping that Ms. Good Luck would always smile on us. Seeing Peterson happy being with his mates makes me feel happy as well, twice the happiness I guess. I've always thanked the Lord for answering my prayers that Peterson would get a job that he enjoys doing. His job may be physically and mentally exhausting but all hard work is being paid off at the end of the day. Everyone deserves a tap on the back for a job well done, don't they? :)

And who enjoyed the day the most? No other than our little beach boy Ayne (aka Yenyen)! He loves the sun and the sand! Believe me, I could tell. :) Here are a few photos I've taken that day. Being the photographer, I have no photo of myself! :))

fun in the sun!

my boys

3 is a crowd..

Pretty girl, the manager's daughter

the kids are having so much fun

our handsome beach boy!

he brought his favorite dinosaurs along

play time, fun time!

wind, blow me away..

Mrs. & Mr. Manager

Great Sunday spent with great people! :)