Koreanovelas ((Korean Dramas)) are a BIG hit in the Philippines. Millions of pinoys go crazy over them, not to mention K-POP. I'm not really a big fan of Koreanovelas. You know the type of fan that would stay up all night to make sure not to miss an episode or buying collectibles, t-shirts, cds, etc. But I must admit there were a few Koreanovelas that got me hooked.

First was Boys Over Flowers. I loved it because I also loved the Meteor Garden (the Taiwanese version). I was college back then when me and my friends went gaga over this Meteor Garden. But when Boys Over Flowers came out, I was more into it cos they were all good looking! LOL And I was crushing over Lee Min Ho. *blush* Second was, Princess Hours. I was pregnant those times and I spent the whole day just laying around watching this drama, taking a few breaks to eat and pee. Hahaha Thanks to my sister's friend that I got a hold of it's CD. Third, was 49 days which made me cry a bucket-full of tears. It was showed on ABS-CBN last year, I happened to watch a few episodes on TV and I thought the story was interesting and unique. And so I went over to Mr. Google and found myself watching Episode 1 till the end. Loved it, it was very moving.

And just recently, I got hooked again. Yes, (again) I'm not a fan of Koreanovelas, but I must admit I'm a fan of Lee Min Ho. *blushing(again)* Don't ask me why -.-' well just look at that guy. Towering height, cute smile, expressive eyes, just happened to be like my time! LMAO! :)) I'm talking about Lee Min Ho's latest project the "City Hunter". They said it's the most expensive Korean Drama made so far and that alone made me curious. A friend told me that I can watch all the episodes on YouTube and I did. What I loved about it? The cinematography's impressive. You couldn't get your eyes off the screen (aside from the fact that the lead actor is super hot). I loved it mostly because it shows how dirty politics can be. Shows how some politicians can manipulate and step on people just to make their way up to the top. This may be just a fictional story but this happens in real life. I wish there's a real City Hunter that would expose all anomalies. I also loved the twists and turns of the story and how it made me hold on to my seat!! Lee Min Ho also did an excellent job in portraying the character of the city hunter. As well as the rest of the actors, BRAVO! I'm acting such a fangirl here. =))

Teaser from ABS-CBN (in Tagalog)


Mona said…
i love watching korean series but i'm not the person who will buy collectible items like shirts and other stuff. Love Lee Min Ho =)
It's a trend just like when Pinoys were crazy about Thalia and the Mexican telenobelas, and then everybody got crazy about Taiwanese telenobelas. Now its the Korean telenobelas. What's next? Thanks for the post. God bless you always.