I'm not one of those moms you usually see who tags along their children everywhere they go. Or those moms you usually see carrying their child in public {without too much effort}. I wish I was one of them though. I've always wanted to go out/malling with him alone but Peterson wouldn't allow {he's right anyways}. I could never go out with my son without somebody {to assist me} mainly because of my asthma. No, I'm not that frail but my asthma always stabs me in the back. If you know what I mean. Too much happiness, too much excitement, too much sadness, and too much exhaustion basically triggers my attacks. Even laughing to much would send me to the brink of my death, wtf! TROLOLOL Overstatement. But seriously, it's true. Everyday I'm struggling to better. Two weeks ago I had the WORST attack ever. My world ran out of air to breathe. I won't go into details but if you're  asthmatic like me or knows someone, you could prolly imagine what I'm trying to say. The meds I'm taking now helps a lot. Attacks are lesser, sleep is waaaay much better and I can be a little more active.  But of course I should strive to be naturally healthy. Also, the change of working schedule made everything even perfect.

And so yesterday I felt great, so we went out!!! I didn't planned it, I was just like DING! Like some bulb light up at the back of my head. This is one rare moment and I feel VERY happy to have done this. Finally, I CAN. Also because Yenyen's older now, he's more behave and he listens to what I say. I took him out for lunch (yeah, just the two of us) and let him play and let him do what he wants. You have no idea how much this means to me and I'm even looking forward for more days like this. HAPPY beyond words! =) 



You had such a wonderful bonding time with your son. I pray for the divine healing of your asthma. By the stripes of Jesus you are healed. Amen. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
kimmy said…
you know what, i can relate to that. i just couldn't take my kids along with me to places, i find it so difficult without my husband.. but now that they are older, I can take them along, but next month I'm going to take them to the province, now THAT'S the real challenge... :D