Late post, but still worth posting. 

When Nova (my high-school best friend) said she'll be having a vacation in the Philippines, I knew that that time we should set a date and commit to meet. She's been living in China for about 5 years and even though she had came home several times, it's been hard setting a schedule for us to spend time together considering my tight schedule with my family (rason). :"D She recently got married and had a son and  I feel very upset because I've been absent on those special events of her life. I guess I'm so absorbed with motherhood that I seldom see my friends these days. Very sad, but true. Anyway, what even fueled my excitement was that she brought her baby boy with her, Braeden. I thought it would be a perfect time for my Ayne and her Brae to meet up.

And so we set a date for the boys! April 12, 2012. It a day full of giggles and fun times, something I would never forget. Ayne liked Brae instantly. He would took photos of Brae every now and then, and while were having lunch he wanted to sit beside him. Brae is a very handsome boy,  he will definitely sweep women off their feet in the future, so does my son. HAHAHA I was very glad and thankful for that day. Also, I missed my best friend so much I just needed to see her! :)


Hello! Thanks for dropping by and for the comment. You've got a lovely blog as well. Until next visit:). Have a great day!
Zunnur said…

How are you? Not sure if you still remember me but we used to blogging friends when you blog on EXPOSED.

Glad that you're still writing although you're busy with the kids. The kids in the pictures are so cute!

I'm sure it is very meaningful to meet old an old friend whom you haven't meet for so many years. I'm sure you guys had a good day together.