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Friday, July 20, 2012

Late post, but still worth posting. 

When Nova (my high-school best friend) said she'll be having a vacation in the Philippines, I knew that that time we should set a date and commit to meet. She's been living in China for about 5 years and even though she had came home several times, it's been hard setting a schedule for us to spend time together considering my tight schedule with my family (rason). :"D She recently got married and had a son and  I feel very upset because I've been absent on those special events of her life. I guess I'm so absorbed with motherhood that I seldom see my friends these days. Very sad, but true. Anyway, what even fueled my excitement was that she brought her baby boy with her, Braeden. I thought it would be a perfect time for my Ayne and her Brae to meet up.

And so we set a date for the boys! April 12, 2012. It a day full of giggles and fun times, something I would never forget. Ayne liked Brae instantly. He would took photos of Brae every now and then, and while were having lunch he wanted to sit beside him. Brae is a very handsome boy,  he will definitely sweep women off their feet in the future, so does my son. HAHAHA I was very glad and thankful for that day. Also, I missed my best friend so much I just needed to see her! :)

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