It's a boy again! :) I may hate to admit it but honestly I hoped for a girl. :'D But then again, I still feel thankful and blessed specially knowing that he's all great and healthy inside there. Actually I have dreamnt about my baby's gender, it was a boy. I even saw clearly what he looked like, though I still hoped for a girl. Maybe because I wanted to have a mini-me, who wouldn't right? *GRIN* With hubby, he was all smiles because he wanted another baby boy. He even has a name ready for our coming bunsoy. :)

Our Baby's Name

It's going to be Ayne Peterson and he's fixed on that. I'm trying to suggest other names, names that are not derived from or came from any of our family members, but he's pretty much decided on Ayne Peterson.
Ayne's from  Ayne Selwyn (our first born Yenyen) and Peterson is from (Bien Peterson), hubby's name. How about me?! I was trying to woo him for Peterson Mari! LOL Mari's from (Marie Joy), yeah that's me.

Which name sounds better? Ayne Peterson or Peterson Mari? Please vote! :)) Poll is on my right sidebar! :)


Anonymous said…
Lovely and cute...!!!