Meet the newest member of our handsome family, Kyler! (means little warrior, bowman, archer) Baby arrived from heaven to earth on May 4 via C-Section. Another baby boy who will literally rock our days and nights and who will bring additional life to my ever growing family. I can now officially use the tagline that says, "Mother of boys, works from son up to son down."  I've always found that tagline funny never did I thought that I would be using it one day! :) Oh Joy!♥ 

My pregnancy seriously had a rough start mainly because of my asthma. Thankfully, we're able to make it through until the very end. I'm grateful that God kept me brave as I went through the entire process of  C-Section. I was wide awake the entire time the doctors we're busy cutting my tummy and whatever they were doing down there.  My imagination was running wild and frantic during those minutes of my life, trying to imagine the whole process and asked myself; "Do I still want to go through this whole procedure again???" Yes? No? I'll keep the answer to myself. But somehow I feel relaxed because my doctors and nurses were all lively and chatty, plus there's someone behind my head who kept on coaching me and making me feel at ease. No matter I tried to be brave though, my mouth or my jaw was shaking. I would have laughed out loud at myself then and there but they might think I went crazy! LOL To keep it from shaking I just focused on my breathing, relax, inhale, exhale. When baby Kyler was finally out, it was the only time that they put me to sleep. I remembered  I woke up 3 times and every time I went back to my senses they put me back to sleep. Till finally it was all over. My tummy feels empty and my imagination was somehow playing tricks with me because I thought I could still feel my baby moved inside.

As I think about what happened 3 weeks ago, I am very thankful that it's all over. I thank God for all the guidance and grace He showered upon us. Also, I am very thankful for the people in my life. Our families. Our families who were always there with us no matter what. I love you.

Special thanks to my sissy who's been my watcher during the night, who attends to my needs without hesitations.Who's not ma arte and who tried to be physically strong to assist me when getting up. I LOVE YOU. To my husband Peterson and son Ayne who were my watchers during the day. Thank you for your support and never ending love. I love you both very much!♥ ♥ 


Unknown said…
I would just like to say congratulations on your newest family member, he is so adorable! :)