001: full Name
[x] marie joy año

002. Nickname
[x] bojoy, jhoi, joy, petpet! hihihi

003. inlove or not
[x] inlove! c:

004. Zodiac Sign
[x] aquariUS

005. Male or Female
[x] female

006. Age
[x] 20

007. Birthday
[x] january 20, 1986

008. How many buddies on your list
[x] alot..

009. Screenname
[x] bojoy/ dukezsa

010. Hair Color
[x] light bRown

014. Eye Color
[x] Brown

015. Are you health freak
[x] Not rily

016. Weight
[x] 100 Pounds

017. Do you have a crush on someone
[x] yEa, stil carlo.. hihihi

018. Do you like yourself
[x] oO naMn

019. Braces
[x] NowP

020. Think youre awesome
[x] sometimes! lol

021. Piercings
[x] yeah...2 on each eaR

022. Tattoo
[x] wala

023. Righty or Lefty
[x] Rightty! c:

___Your 'Firsts'___

024. Surgery
[x] None

025. First piercing
[x] ears..

026. First best friend
[x] sarAh & eluna. way back wen am stil in Cebu

027. First Award
[x] 1st Honor Student Award

028. First Sport You Joined
[x] ????? wala yata! hahahaha not rily into sPortS.. asHtmatic kZ

029. First pet
[x] a puppy

030. First vacation
[x] DavaO. wen we stil livd in s cebU we uSed to visit my lola d2..

031. First crush
[x] marK, 1st grade. hehehehe

032. First love
[x] Dennis


033. Favorite movie
[x] SUPERMAN! c: WHAT DREAMS MAY COME and alot more

034. Favorite tv show
[x] Oprah

035. Color
[x] PINK

036. Music
[x] R&B hiphop, trance, techno

039. Drink
[x] Tequila, Redhorse...

040. Part of the face on a boy/girl
[x] nOse... eyes... lips

041. Cartoon character
[x] Arnold c:

042. Favorite artist
[x] Enqrique IglesiaS.. myself! toinks. lol

043. Perfume
[x] Gucci Envy... Eternity Moment

044. Favorite Food
[x] Aythin

045. Favorite School
[x] UIC.. love ur owN! LOL

046. Favorite Animal(s)
[x] puppies

047. Favorite Book
[x] Loving Eachother

048. Favorite Magazines
[x] Candy, Chalk


049. Eating
[x] Nope

050. I'm drinking
[x] Nothing

052. I'm about to
[x] call my boO c:

053. Listening to
[x] My bOo...

055. Waiting For
[x] 4pm

056. Watching
[x] the monitor

057. Wearing
[x] yellow baby tee, pink pedal..

___Your Future___

058. Want Kids
[x] of coRs... i want 2

059. Want to Get Married
[x] Sure..

060. Careers in Mind
[x] designer & work on an advertising company

__Which is better with the OPPOSITE

068. Lips or Eyes
[x] Eyes

069. Hugs or Kisses
[x] both! haha

070. Shorter or Taller
[x] taller

072. Romantic or Spontaneous
[x] both dapat! c:

073. Nice stomach or nice arms
[x] Nice Stomach

074. Sensitive or Loud
[x] loud..

075. Hook-up or Relationship
[x] Relationship! c:

076. Sweet or Caring
[x] both!

077. Trouble Maker or Hesitant
[x] both wiLl do! hahahaha

___Have you ever___

078. Kissed a Stranger
[x] nope!

079. Drank bubbles
[x] hahaha

080. Kissed your crush
[x] nope, he's in hollywood...

081. Ran Away From Home
[x] nope! im a gud girl

082. Broken a bone
[x] nope

083. Got an X-ray
[x] aLa pA

084. Broken Someone's Heart
[x] i geZ sO..

086. Turned Someone Down
[x] yup...

087. Cried When Someone Died
[x] of cors..

088. Cried at school
[x] yup!

___Do You Believe In___

089. God
[x] Of Course! i strongly dO

090. Miracles
[x] yup

091. Love at first sight
[x] hahaha.... hmmmmp... i duNno

093. Aliens
[x] no

094. Magic
[x] i used to wen i was a kiD..

095. Heaven
[x] Of Course

096. Santa Claus
[x] nOt riLy. c:

097. Sex on the first date
[x] nope

098. Kissing on the First Date
[x] depends! hahaha

099. Angels
[x] yeah!


100. Is There someone You Want To be with you
right now? who?
[x] yeah... u knOw who.