How old do you wish you were?
[x] sweet 16! hehehe

Where were you when 9/11 happened?
[x] I cant remember..

What do you do when vending machines steal your
[x] ill kick it! And broke it.. kawatan!! hahaha

Do you consider yourself kind?
[x] yeS! Hehehehe pamati.. but I geZ I am.. naks! Ato-ato lng na ha! lol

If you would get a tattoo, what part of your body?
[x] if evr…. Uhhhmm…. Sa lower back sa hips banda oR sa likod nG neck kOw..

what kind of tattoo?
[x] butterfly..

If you could be fluent in any other language, what
would it be?
[x] hahaha... dunno... french myb??!!

Do you know your neighbors?
[x] not quite..

What do you consider a vacation?
[x] FUN & relaxation..

Do you follow your horoscope?
[x] nowp

Would you move for the person you love?
[x] I depends, when i can suopprot myself na then y not… toinks..

Are you touchy feely?
[x] no

Do you believe that opposites attract?
[x] @ sum point yes… but pg totally opposite? I don’t think so.. u nid to have sumthin in common to be able to jive..

Dream job?
[x] designer...

Favorite channel?
[x] disney channel, Jack TV, HBO

Favorite place to go on weekends?
[x] anywhere

Showers or Baths?
[x] prehO lng yan db?

Do you paint your nails?
[x] yeS… French tip..

what do you like doing in the summer?
[x] beach!

what's on your mind?
[x] nuthin actually… uhMmm.,. fOOd? Lol… petpet

Do you trust people easily?
[x] nOt rily.. mhirap na

What are your phobias?
[x] mascots! Hahahahaha do u knoe dat I hate em… or im afraid of em… lol

Do you want kids?
[x] of cors

Do you keep a handwritten journal?
[x] yeah.. c;

Where would you rather be right now?
[x] anywhere bUt here.. outside philippines maybe

What makes you feel guilty?
[x] hurting sumbody

Heavy or light sleep?
[x] Heavy

Are you paranoid?
[x] yeah when it comes to petpet! hehehee

Are you impatient?
[x] Ah-uh, sometimes

Who can you relate to
[x]my best friend =)

Have you been burned by love?
[x] wala pa yata! Ouch! That wud rily hurt..

Whats your life motto?
[x] have faith

What were you doing last night?
[x] texting pEtpet and amimOt… linaGaw kaU aNg gaga

What did the last txt mesage say on your
[x] I love you tOo, nyt..

What colour shirt are you wearing?
[x] yellow..

Most recent movie that you watched?
[x] Lil Man c:

Name 3 things that you have on you at all times?
[x] phone
[x] wallet
[x] hanky! Im not comfortable w/o hving em

What's the colour of your bedsheets?
[x] pink! c;

What's your favorite town/city?
[x] davao rocks!

what cant you wait until..?
[x] i got my own jOb

When was the last time you saw your mom?
[x] diS morninG

When was the last time you saw your dad?
[x] last nyt, I haven’t seen hIm dis morning cOz he left very early

what are you going to do today?
[x] nuthin! Damn!

Who got you to join friendster?
[x] my friend amiemot! c:

What did you have for dinner last night?
[x] I dint have dinner! Oiiiii diet! lol