Weekend Wrap-Up

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I thought my week would end as boring as it had started! But then i thought wrong. hahaha I was like going to work jUst to sit down, surf, eat and sleep. Urrgggg I was trying to keep myself busy but then i would ran out of things to do. My client had been sick and was under medication, he was out for 4 days. So i was left empty handed. I was really getting bored and lazy. I was also anticipating for his comeback cause i have to get his approval for my vacation leave next week. yep yep, you got that right i'm taking a vacation leave! weeeeee finally i can rest my ass off! hahaha o(>▽<)o So anyway, for all those days of boredom, i have found something interesting to get my hands with. It's ScrapBooking!ヾ(^∇^) I know it's not new to all of you, either with mine. I have seen cute scrapbooks around several mommy blogs. I liked them a lot but never had the time and maybe the interest to try it myself. But this time I did. Just to make myself bUsy. I've downloaded several Free Kits and look what I've created. I'm a beginner with these so I guess I can be excused if it's not that gOod and impressive hehehehe ( T ▽ T )ノ

Thursday, my client showed up! and finally approved my request! YES! ヘ(^0^)ヘ

Friday, finally! I had something to do. My client sent me files to work on. Yepey! And Mam Mel handed me the VL form and quickly filled it up. Never waste time! hahaha Now here comes the exciting part.. earlier this week i have heard that the results of our Diagnostic Test Exam will be announced. ( For those who haven't read my post about it, you can check it here.) We've been waiting for the result for quite sometime now though we're afraid with the results. While I was filling up my VL form, a window jUst popped up in my screen and check what it says: (below)

Good news isn't it??! Weee i was really thankful i passed. ♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪ランラン thank God! I'm really relieved plus i got to have a salary increase! weeee i juSt blurred them, cause i wanna keep those private hehe.. So what I can say? Congratulations to me! I give myself a tap on the back for doing a good job. And i havta to enjoy my rest! woOohooo! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ I'm jUst so glad i got over that dreadful exam! wahahaha

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