I'm loving Forever 21. I love their clothes and specially their accessories. I drool over them. Well, hanggang tingin na lang ako! Hahaha I hope eventually they'll associate with Paypal. And maybe, just maybe I could get my forever 21 favorite! Well I have a lot of faves and I mean a lot! But for now, if i could get one thing in an instant, it's these beauties. :)

Click on the image to see a good view of it.


You can earn the money to buy them if you will do paid posts. It is not only PayPerPost that pays but so many others like Sponsored Reviews, Social Sparks and a hundred others. But you must have a high pr rating of at least 2. They pay immediately or at least over a two weeks period unlike Google AdSense that you have to accrue a hundred bucks before you can collect from them. You can use the money to buy toys and other wonderful items for your kid. If interested, just give me an email at melalarilla@gmail.com and I will send you the links to some of them. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
Bojoy said…
Hi Kuya mel,

Yes I've tried them all. I'm earning naman thank god for paid posts hehehe.. thanks for the comment! God bless po..