my attempt of creating a creative header has failed! Look at the Image below, so nakaka hiya! Seriously, pang grade 1 bah to?! Hahaha

Boohoo. I really need to bring back the artsy fartsy in me, I think I lost it somewhere. Or maybe I just havta wake it up. Oh my. I want something new for my blog. I want to get it a fresh look. But thinking about the process and all makes me tamad. T_T And I would start to hesitate. Now I'm feeling that urge again to make a drastic change. I guess when I'll have the time I will, But not now. As for the moment I made a few changes di rin talaga ako nka tiis, I just can't help it. Made a draft header, i think it'll do for now. At least it looks better than the first one. Agree??? Then I added a colorful background just to bring colors to life. I love colors yah know! Hehehe Anyway, I have to keep going now. Nakaw oras lang to, nyahaha! Got to get back to work.

Anyway, can't wait till it's friday! Coz it's a holiday! Yepeee! Ima going to sleep all day, eat all day(sh*t capital sin), watch tv all day, and play all day with my yentot! he's grown so much now. And super fun to be with, swear!! And anyway I got a new yaya!. Thanks to dear tuapoy Molit! Loveyah tuaps!♥