very alarming! dengue's just around our neighborhood. :'( saturday night we heard an ambulance just a few blocks away from our home, but we didn't knew what it was all about not until last night. we have learned that a 3yr old girl just died. cause of death? dengue. and just last night, two of Victory Chapel's (situated just around the corner) church member were brought to the hospital kasi na kitaan ng symptoms of dengue. really alarming. earlier this morning we have cleaned our backyard, just to make sure that no mosquito w/ dengue could live there. hubby's really worried about it, all of us. i'm keeping my prayers strong, praying that all of us will be safe from this disease specially my son.


Marlene said…
I hope I will never get a news from my kin about anyone of dengue fever. It's hard to tell when one is attacked and can be taken for granted until late na kaya namamatay ang victim. The best thing to do is to rush to the hospital kung may lagnat na unusual.
You just pray that you be sealed and protected by the blood of Jesus Christ against all harms and pray also that God's ministering angels be sent to you to watch over you and to protect and guide you at all times. I will join you in your prayers for protection for your whole family. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
MinnieRunner said…
It was indeed alarming. I have read about a cure for dengue is camote(?)

Hope everyone's safe.

God Bless.
Kangaroo said…
Hi, I once had a dengue and it's quite scary, I almost died. Anyway, so you'd know the symptoms I had fever and didn't have any appetite for food, temp was 39-40 and had red spots on my arms and some parts of my body. They say yung apple na binalatan then it turns to brown is one of the cures. Di ko na try and I had to had a blood transfursion, else I would've died. Hope you and the family won't have it. Good thing you have cleaned your sorroundings.
Bojoy said…
to everyone: thanks for the comments and prayers, i'm keeping my prayers strong as well. kktak0t talaga ang dengue coz it could really kill. :'[ for now we're being really careful and are keeping our surroundings as clean as possible.

@Kangaroo: really? thank God you got over it! it's really scarrry..

cure lng na nArining ko was tawa2x.. hehe