Tada! ^_^ Me and my kiddo. ^_^ Taken just last week when we decided to spend over night at some resort near our place. Kissing summer goodbye with a big fun splash! We had so much fun, well, it's always fun when you're with your family + it's special. Nothing beats that right? ^_^ Tonight hubby's not around so we are not able to make our Saturday night lakwatsa, which we always do every Sat nights. Our own family night out. Before we had yen2x, Saturday nights are usually spent out with friends and a couple of beers lying around. There are times when I crave for that moments, for that dusk till dawn talks and laughs. But then I now find the joy of spending time at home, with my boys, with my family. Priorities and choices really change when you already have a family of your own.

pahabol lang ^_^ mama's baby boy... big boy na *sniff


Yes, priorities and choices do change as time goes by. What we do when we were still without child will change once an offspring is added to our lives. The child becomes the top priority of the revised family life. No problem with that because we go through different stages in our lives as we learn from each stage. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.