It is more likely that you will come across a Bidet if you’re travelling to another country. You may encounter a bidet if you travel through countries in Europe, South America and Japan. These personal hygiene fixtures are now being adopted by most people who need help in using the bathroom. You might appreciate a bidet if you have hemorrhoids, problems with bowel movements or physical disabilities. Obviously the toilet seat bidet is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

If you are not familiar with a bidet, then read further. You may have seen one before though you don’t know it’s a bidet or what it’s for. A bidet is always in a bathroom and it looks like a basin lower that the toilet. When a button is pressed on the bidet, there is a stream of warm water that rises and washed the genital and anal area of the user. This is an important part when it comes to personal hygiene. Cleaning with a bidet is considered more hygienic than cleaning with toilet paper because you don't have to use your hands when using a bidet, therefore reducing the potential for contact with disease-causing germs. Using a bidets is by and large more thorough and more sanitary than using a toilet paper.